the Rolls-Royce of crochet hooks

Laurel Hill Exotic Wood crochet hook size 6.5 mm (K)

A little crochet-geek talk….
Recently I was at my local yarn store, hanging out and crocheting with my Bates Crystallite crochet hook. I find the plastic hook works well with Noro yarn, which seems to catch on my aluminum hooks. Lynn, the lovely owner of Knit 1, saw this and started raving about the Laurel Hill wood crochet hooks.

I was reluctant to try them because they are a bit pricey. Lynn had to put one in my hand to get me to try it, but oh boy, this is the Rolls-Royce of crochet hooks. I picked up a K hook and it just floated through the Noro Taiyo sock yarn I was working with. The wood has some heft to it which feels really nice in my hand.

© Kathy Kelly 2011

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One Response to the Rolls-Royce of crochet hooks

  1. Mary Ann Bondurant says:

    The crochet hook would make a nice present since it would be a luxury. It is sort of hard to pick yarn for presents since everyone has their own tastes.

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