Converting a doily pattern to a shawl

My Ravelry friend Lara, has a beautiful shawl she made using a doily pattern with lace weight yarn and a larger hook. She was kind enough to share her adaptation with me and I, in turn, found myself doing a little adapting myself.

If you are on Ravelry you can view her project page untanglingmymind’s tulip fields.

Basically what you do is take a segment of a round doily pattern and instead of working  the whole circle you turn the work when you reach the edges of the segment you have selected. It helps to have a pattern that includes a chart. Lara made a line in the pattern’s chart where she decided to alter the shape of the round doily. (Imagine cutting a slice out of a pie). This is easier than I expected, though it does require a little thought when you hit the “lines” at the edges. When I reached the edge I would finish with a double crochet, turn, then chain 3 and continue with the pattern.

Following the doily pattern as written gave me a shawl that is too short, so I ended up repeating 3 rows of the pattern.

When I reached the last row of the pattern the shawl had a “doily” look about it. I decided to add a more contemporary edging, adding some flowers as a fringe of sorts. This isn’t in keeping with the style of the original but it seems to work and gives the finished project a more contemporary look.

Overall this was a really fun project and I look forward to adapting more traditional crochet patterns to more contemporary projects.

Lara’s Tulip Fields shawl

© Kathy Kelly 2011

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4 Responses to Converting a doily pattern to a shawl

  1. Ana Luisa says:

    Hi! I love these “doily” shawls! They’re gorgeous, of course the yarn has a lot to do with it.
    I have loads of doily charts, maybe I’ll have a try at making one, too.
    Thanks for sharing photos. 🙂

  2. brookfieldkate says:

    Hi-I have been looking for a pattern for a doily looking sweater with long sleeves and comes about down to the hip – I have a friend who claims it was an old pattern from her mother but unable to locate the pattern – any suggestions – thanks.

    • vibeskat says:

      I am new to this doily to wearable conversion. I would suggest checking on Ravelry. If you are not a member I highly recommend joining. Also, there is a group on Ravlery that is dedicated to Lace Crochet and you could post a question on that group’s discussion thread.

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