Groovy Garcia

I just returned last week from a trip to New Orleans where I caught the beginning of the Mardi Gras parades before high tailing it back on Amtrack’s City of New Orleans train.

During this time of year New Orleans is a riot of color with everything decked out in purple, green and gold. It’s really a color lover’s dream. The people and even the animals deck themselves out in festive colors.

Which brings me to this project that I finished while on the train. Above is a photo of a cabled crochet cowl made from the pattern crochet garcia by Jennifer Fayard. It is a free pattern offered on Ravelry. For the gazillionth time, if you’re not a member join now. It’s free.

This pattern was inspired by a knit pattern called cherry garcia, which I think was inspired by the ice cream, which was inspired by Jerry Garcia. Thus the choice of this multi-colored yarn in psychedelic colors. For crochet-geek details check my Ravelry project page.

And if you’re in the mood for some music check out my tune Dancing Bears at my website. (Click on Dancing Bears) This was written as a tribute to Jerry Garcia.

There you go, from New Orleans Mardi Gras to bright colors, to Dancing Bears. Groovy.

Dog marching in the Barkus parade, New Orleans 2012.

© Kathy Kelly 2012

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