While working on this potholder pattern by my Ravelry friend Nancy Panzke, I was struggling working with the 2 strands of cotton yarn. The yarn kept slipping off my hook, so I went to my stash of crochet hooks and got hooky.

My usual crochet hooks, the ones I love and use for almost everything, are the bamboo handled Susan Bates hooks (made both in aluminum and steelite models). But for this project they just weren’t cutting it.

Next I tried a Susan Bates Crystallite hook. They are normally good for sticky yarn like Noro as are Laurel Hill wood hooks (See my post on that subject here.)  However, these were not a match for this yarn.

Then I got out this wacky set of hooks my friend Jannis gave me to try. They are glow in the dark hooks and they really remind me of a kid’s toy, think glow in the dark superballs. They’re made by Susan Bates and called “SmartGlo” hooks.

Put these puppies in the sun and boy do they glow.

But the big surprise was that they work wonderfully on the cotton yarn. They’re a little sticky feeling and that stickiness helps to hold the cotton yarn on the hook. After switching to one of these hooks I was flying. Unfortunately they’re made in China. But if this doesn’t bother you I’d really recommend them for working with cotton yarn like Sugar ‘n Cream, Peaches ‘n Creme or Lion Cotton.

Continuing on the subject of crochet hooks…

Lately I’ve been swayed from my usual love by the Clover Soft Touch hooks. They work nicely for acrylic and wool yarn and have a very comfortable grip. Also, the shank of the hook is uniform so it’s great for stitches like treble crochet and even more extended stitches that carry a lot of loops on the hook. The uniformity of the shank means the loops stay the same size.

Clover also makes these in steel. I’ve only tried one of the Soft Touch steel hooks, and I find it works well for perle crochet cotton. One downside, there is a large jump in sizes between the aluminum and steel hooks. The smallest aluminum hook is a B/2.25 mm hook and then the next smaller hook they offer in steel is a 1.75 mm hook. I’m really hoping they’ll make a size 2.0 mm.

By the way, Nancy says her potholder keeps your hand cool when taking a baking pan out of a hot oven. I’m really looking forward to trying this out.  She’s offering her Cool Fingers Panhandler pattern free on Ravelry.

Rita makes herself comfortable on the railing of the back porch.

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2 Responses to Hooky

  1. kathy b says:

    glow in the dark hooks…..a hoot! How many cats have you?

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