Tackling a tricky project

When I started this hat I was up for a challenge. After realizing that it required undivided attention to complete I set it aside for several months.

With the Ravellenic Games as my inspiration I decided to tackle this project and finish it.

The pattern is called Honeysuckle Hat designed by Aparna Rolfe. It’s very well written and the instructions are detailed both in written and chart formats.

To finish this project I developed a plan to do 2 rounds a day, everyday, until I finished the hat. Each day I found time to work on this project with no interruptions. I turned off the radio, my usual companion, and quietly concentrated. To avoid project burnout once I finished 2 rounds I set the project aside until the next day.

During this process I found some ways to make reading the pattern easier. First I went to a copy shop and enlarged the instructions so that they are easier to read.

I found that using colored pencils to underline sections of the instructions made it easier to keep my place in the pattern. For instance, if the instructions said “BPdc around each of next 4 BPdc,” I’d underline that with one color, then the next set of instructions, “B&PFdc around next FPdc,” I underlined with a contrasting color. This made it easier to find my place in the pattern after looking away to work a set of stitches. I also used colored pencils to mark the beginning of repeated sections making it easier to find the beginning of a repeat. This was incredibly helpful.

I really like these woodless colored pencils that I got at the art supply store…

Setting aside a time to work with no distractions I was able to get into a meditative flow and found I could work the stitches and understand what I was doing with ease. It was actually relaxing rather than stress inducing.

In the end I learned a lot from tackling this project and seeing it to the finish. I became much more proficient at making post stitches, found new ways to make reading a project easier and learned to make the work process enjoyable.

I look forward to setting aside more uninterrupted time to work on a new project Leaflines Shawlette also by Aparna Rolfe. The pattern is currently in testing but should be available soon.

A real “vibeskat”.

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4 Responses to Tackling a tricky project

  1. Mallinda says:

    I love the idea of using colored pencils to mark different sections of a pattern!

  2. kathy b says:

    Your cat is soooo beautiful. What kind? Where?

    • vibeskat says:

      McDuff was born to an outdoor cat, and we grabbed him and his brother as kittens. My vet says he looks like he’s part flame point siamese but he has the medium length hair like his mother has. He’s a mutt.

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