Why Red?


Recently I’ve noticed that red seems to be “in”. It’s a color that isn’t usually my first choice, but recently I find myself drawn to it too.

The scarf above is made from a pattern by Alice Merino called Crochet Heart Scarf. It’s available free on the Makezine blog. This is a fun project and isn’t as hard as it might look.

If you’d like technical details such as yarn and hook size see my Ravelry project page.

With Alice’s permission I’ll be teaching a workshop on this pattern at Mosaic Yarn Studio in Mount Prospect Illinois on Wednesday afternoon February 13, 2013. If you’re interested call Mosaic Yarn Studio to register.

Hot on the heals of that red heart scarf I decided to revisit broomstick lace. This little cuff was an improvisation using the leftover yarn from the heart scarf. Adding some flashy buttons really made it a fun project.


Will there be more red in my future? Time will tell.



Stayin’ warm in the sun on a 5 degree day in Chicago.



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3 Responses to Why Red?

  1. I am a heart lover, and I adore the heart scarf. Thank you for providing the link to the pattern. That will be up next for me! Also, love the cuff. Lovely projects as always

  2. angie says:

    Why red? Why Not? I love red, I’m besotted with all things red! I love the red heart scarf, I wonder if I could maybe crochet it for myself for Valentines! In RED of course!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Angie x

  3. knotrune says:

    I like the way the swirly buttons work with the broomstick pattern 🙂

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