New patterns


Looks like I’ve missed blogging in September. But I have an excuse, really, I do.

I’ve been busy working on publishing two new crochet patterns that are now available through Ravelry. Above you can see my Lively Infinity Scarf. It’s a fun project that an advanced beginner could easily make. The pattern has instructions for using DK weight yarn (shown above is Noro Kirara) or bulky weight yarn.


Here’s the pattern done in Noro Obi, bulky weight yarn, it was a quick project.

After writing out the pattern instructions and drawing a chart of the stitch pattern I needed to have the pattern tested. In the past I’ve asked people in my local crochet community to test my patterns. But this time I decided to try something different and turned to the Happy Hookers Hangout group on Ravelry. If you join this group (no charge to join) you can volunteer to test patterns for designers and if you’re a designer you can ask for volunteer testers. There are some base rules for the group to keep everything running smoothly. If you’re interested check the link above to find out more.

Six people from the group volunteered to test the pattern for me. I have to say they were all wonderful to work with. They provided feedback on the pattern instructions and produced beautiful finished projects.

I’d like to thank them all for their help. On Ravelry they go by, rht59, blacky67, livelaughlove381, jollyhooknstix, yorkshirejules, kanelsnackan. Also a big thanks to my always available pattern advisor MaryCat.

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern you can do it online here.It is also available through local yarn stores that participate in Ravelry’s in-store pattern program.

Coming soon, I’ll blog on my new Skinny Mint Tunisian scarf pattern. Available now, click the link to check it out.

Louis, pretending to be a wild cat, hiding in the prairie plants in our yard.


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