A Skinny Mint Scarf

Here is another of my recently published crochet patterns.


This is a version of my Skinny Mint Tunisian Scarf pattern which is available for sale on Ravelry. After making a couple of samples of the pattern I decided to do one joined as an infinity scarf. The yarn I used is Road to China Lite. You can see technical details on my Ravelry project page.

DSCF6039The original Skinny Mint Tunisian Scarf, above. I designed it for a class on Tunisian crochet. Sadly the yarn I used, Misti Alpaca Baby Suri Alpaca and Silk, is now discontinued. The yarn is beautiful and soft so if you do find any for sale snap it up!

This pattern takes advantage of some of the new techniques that have been developed for Tunisian crochet. Included are basic instructions for all the Tunisian stitches used. It’s suitable for an advanced beginner. I think Tunisian lace stitches are like a combination of regular crochet and Tunisian crochet.

Here are a couple of my favorite “Tunisian” hooks. The top one is a regular Clover Takumi Bamboo crochet hook (which I used to make the scarves). I added a rubber band for a stopper. The second is a nice bamboo hook with flexible cord. These are available from the UndergroundCrafter etsy shop. Both hooks have a nice point that makes it easy to get into the Tunisian stitches. I find these hooks to be more comfortable to work with than the longer Tunisian hooks that are on the market.


A photo of Rita, being “flat” on the sidewalk.


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2 Responses to A Skinny Mint Scarf

  1. Andrea says:

    Hello, my name is Andrea and I just got a new iPhone and ran across your blog or whatever it’s called. I am so new to this I’m not even sure what it is. I am sitting here currently with a back issue and ran across your blog. I so enjoyed

    it, it’s truly the first one I’ve ever visited. I love the fact that you include your pets. And you love natural fibers I am also crochet and knitter. U have some beautiful things. I’ve not even felt well enough to do any projects but am feeling better and up 4 a project! I recently visited Portland and bought some Maligbrago(sp?) Rasta and am going to do a cowl. If u have some ideas for quick projects for people in nursing homes..I would so appreciate…or any other ideas that being a newby to the web, might be inspiring…I would so appreciate! Take care, Andrea

    • vibeskat says:

      Hi Andrea,
      A great place to find patterns and see photos of crochet and knit projects is Ravelry.

      You can sign up for free and then browse patterns and projects on their database. You can also post photos of your finished projects. It’s a great site. Give it a try.

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