Summer crafting, Tapestry Crochet


For some reason the onset of summer puts me in the mood to do crafty projects. Lately I have been doing tapestry crochet and made this eyeglass case. Click here for technical details on my Ravelry project page.

I learned about this technique from various books and articles by Carol Ventura. Her Tapestry website has lots of information to get you started on this fun craft. For this project I am using single crochet worked in the round with a smaller than usual hook. Two colors are used at the same time, carrying one strand inside the stitches until it is time to switch colors. In a couple of places I cheated and used three colors, carrying two strands inside the stitches for the row that includes the cat’s eyes.

Here are a couple of basic sketches I made for developing a cat using the tapestry crochet graph paper from Carol Ventura’s yahoo group. You need to join the group to be able to download the paper, it’s free to join the group.


Since crochet worked in the round slants to the right (when crocheted right handed) the paper has the stitches slant to the right. This makes it easier to see how your designs will look when actually crocheted. The yahoo group also has paper for lefties that slant to the left.

Once I decided what I wanted the cat to look like I drew the image on regular graph paper with colored pencils. For me it’s easier to read stitches from the square graphs. Since the design slides to the right as you progress up through the rounds I offset the beginning of my design 6 stitches to the left so that it would be centered on the case.

Here’s a photo of my sister’s cat who is the model for this design.


I find the challenge in making a tapestry crochet design is to suggest an image without being too detailed. When we view a picture our mind fills in the details that are left out. There is some limit to how detailed you can be with crochet stitches when you’re working on a small project like an eyeglass case. I have to remind myself to use my imagination when sketching a pattern.

Tapestry crochet is a lot of fun. I encourage you to try designing your own project. If you are feeling hesitant to start Carol also has some free tapestry crochet patterns on her website that can help you get started.

If you’re on Ravelry check out the Tapestry Crochet Group too.

Here are couple of my older tapestry crochet bags.

Traveling Raven Purse


Egret Purse




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One Response to Summer crafting, Tapestry Crochet

  1. Mama Shauna says:

    Very interesting. I’d like to try this someday.

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