Snowed In, Cat toys out


Since we have been snowed in it seems like a good time to share the blizzard of cat toys I made last week.


These very cute “flat” mice are popular with my cats. They’re made from worsted weight acrylic yarn. The pattern, My Cat’s Favorite Mouse is free on NayanPon’s blog.


My cats also love these catnip mice made by holding two strands of cotton yarn together. I used Peaches & Creme and Lion Cotton, but Sugar and Cream would also work well. The pattern Catnip Fishies by Susan Morishita is available free on her blog Amigurumi Friends.


The Kitty Tweets pattern by Vicki Mikulak is available as a free download from Ravelry. I am not so happy with the beak. If I made another one I’d experiment to see if I could make it look a little better. But it’s a cat toy and I don’t think the cats will care.

Looks like the pattern Catnip Mouse Toy by Stephanie Garcia is no longer available. As a substitute I suggest trying the Easy Peasy Catnip Mouse available free on tubachingching’s blog.

The less than realistic, but cat attractive, octopuses are made from worsted and DK weight yarn using my free Octo Octo pattern. Here’s McDuff with his paw guarding Octo Octo.


And here’s some snow. The photo was taken early on in the storm, we got a lot more!


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4 Responses to Snowed In, Cat toys out

  1. I love the yellow octo octo, Kathy!!

  2. Mary Ann Bondurant says:

    Nice and colorful! You sure made a lot of cat toys! Your cats will have lots of fun!

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