Summer Crafting: Getting Scrappy

colorful moebius_0615

This summer I’m getting scrappy and using up leftover yarn from my stash. Above is a project I made using the leftovers from many of my lace shawl projects. I was fortunate to test the new Kotobuki pattern by designer Margaret Kendall and use up some of my stash yarn in the process.

The pattern is worked in the round as a moebius. This means that after you create the foundation chain each round of stitches shows up on either side of the center of the work. It’s a perfect construction to use your leftover yarn, with each color framing the center.

colorful moebius cropped_0606

Here you can see how the colored rounds show up as mirrored rows on either side of the central spine. The 408 foundation single crochet stitches required to start this project were a challenge to make, but I broke them up into groups of 50 and worked on them over several days. The results are so worth it, after the first two rounds everything else is a piece of cake.

You can visit my Ravelry project page to see a detailed list of all the yarns used in this project with approximate amounts per round. I would rate this as an intermediate level project.

mini cat mat cropped_0626

Here’s a picture of Mini on a cat mat made with cotton yarn that I had on hand. I used a simple wave pattern from a stitch dictionary for this one.

And here’s a project that I started yesterday. I’m using leftover Cascade 220 and Quatro yarn that was in my stash.

tuni cowl_0629

This is a free pattern called Tuni Trio Cowl. It’s a beginner pattern using only Tunisian Simple Stitch.

I’m teaching a beginning Tunisian crochet class on Sunday July 18, 12:30 pm at Windy Knitty in Chicago. After finishing this class you would have the skills to make this cowl.

I am also teaching a class on Tunisian crochet in the round using the double ended Tunisian crochet hook on Sunday July 26, 12:30 pm. at Windy Knitty. If you’ve always wanted to know how that works sign up for this class. It’s easier than it looks!


An eyeglass case made using the double ended Tunisian crochet hook, working in the round. This would be a great project to use up your leftover worsted weight yarn.

I encourage you to get out your leftover yarn and explore the possibilities.

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4 Responses to Summer Crafting: Getting Scrappy

  1. neversaydiebeauty says:

    I love the moebius that you made with scrap yarn. I would love to tackle that pattern but the foundation single crochet is not my strong suit. I think I’ll favorite this on Ravelry and save it for sometime when I’ve had more practice. I need to get back to the project I started and abandoned at the end of the winter first.

    • vibeskat says:

      Thanks. When you are done with your work in progress you could always fool around with your leftovers on a straight scarf. It’s fun to try to find a pleasant color combination when you have a limited choice in colors.

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