A Scrappy Thing


My favorite weight of yarn is fingering, and over the past 8 years I’ve used a lot of it. About two years ago I decided to make a scrap yarn project using all the little balls of leftovers. Finally after 25 months I have finished my scrappy thing!

With the yarn all heaped together in a big pile I realized almost all of it was variegated or self striping. It looked like a big clash of colors. Fooling around with it I found that the singles yarns didn’t quite match gauge to my multi-ply scraps, so I sorted out all of my singles and just used the multi-ply.

Finding a pattern was a bit of a challenge. Eventually I decided on Color Blend Stole which is a free pattern by Aparna Rolfe, one of my favorite designers. I followed the pattern as written except that I did all of my stitches in the back loop only. And I used my leftovers changing colors after 2-4 rows of the pattern depending on how much of each color I had.

At first I didn’t think it was going to work, everything seemed to clash. But as I continued  I was surprised to see that the overall effect was quite striking.


I went until I had used most of my leftovers, using 451 grams total of yarn. The finished size is 72″ by 31″ not including the fringe. Normally I’d just weave in the ends but they looked interesting so I added more strands making a fringe that is not too dense.

Using the back loop only technique made the wrap have a very soft drape and also a bit of a ribbed texture.


I have to say after all these years of crocheting, making many projects,  I was surprised by how this project turned out. I really didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. I’ll call it my New Year’s surprise.

If you’ve been thinking of doing something with your scraps I would recommend Color Blend Stole. You can use the pattern with whatever weight yarn you like. It does take a bit of concentration to follow the waves of stitches but it’s totally worth it.

A List of some of the yarns used:
Fluer de Fiber Acadian
Frolickijng Feet Done Roving
Malabrigo Sock
Smooshy With Cashmere
Claudia Hand Painted Fingering
Hand Maiden Casbah
Misti Alpaca Handpainted Sock
Crazy Zauberball
Zitron Trekking Hand Art
Sun Valley Fibers Merino Nylon Fingering
Three Irish Girls Velvet Sock
Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock

You can see more details on my Ravelry project page.

Now I have a box full of singles yarn scraps to work with. I have my eye out for the next scrap yarn project.



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3 Responses to A Scrappy Thing

  1. Absolutely gorgeous… Sometimes, things are definitely worth the wait and “just the right time.” Thanks for sharing your inspiring piece of work. Andrea, Boise, ID

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