Mandala Madness 3, Thread crochet

Doily Mandala_1669

Who says you have to use sport or dk weight yarn for a mandala? Since I have many colors of size 10 crochet thread I decided to make a few mandalas in thread.

Above is the Bougainvillea Doily designed by Zelna Olivier. The pattern is available on her Zooty Owl’s Crafty Blog. I decided to do this with size 10 crochet cotton, the pattern calls for DK  weight cotton yarn. I had to make a few alterations to the pattern because of the switch to thread. But I think it turned out pretty well. Check my Ravelry project page for colors used and hook size.

The pattern includes a photo tutorial and several beautiful examples made in different color combinations. I would rate this as an easy pattern. The photo tutorial should be helpful to advanced beginners.

fine mandala_1666 - Version 2

I had to try Sandra Eng’s Fine China Mandala with thread because my color stash of larger cotton yarn was very limited. The pattern is in the book “Modern Crochet Mandalas 50+ Colorful Motifs to Crochet”. I worked this from the chart exclusively. It worked out great until the final round. There is a mistake, the chart shows double crochet and my final round was not laying flat. When I looked at the written pattern I saw it should be half double crochet. Once I fixed that it was fine but did need blocking. You can see technical details, thread and hook size, on my Ravelry project page.

Coming soon, crochet mandala book reviews.


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One Response to Mandala Madness 3, Thread crochet

  1. Becki says:

    I like these mandala patterns made in thread, too! 🙂 Beautiful!

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