Murakami Flower

murakami flower_1339

Last week I was totally flattened by an exhibit of Takashi Murakami’s work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The use of pop culture references mixed with traditional Japanese cultural influences gives his work great depth.

I wanted a souvenir to take home, but nothing really compares to the real thing. So I decided to crochet my own Murakami style flower.

To start I used the flower head from Happy Sunflower by J.H. Winter that she posted on her blog. This flower had the right proportions but I needed to alter it a bit to make it like Murakami does. I needed to make 12 petals, instead of 13, requiring me to leave out the last two rounds of the center circle to make it fit.

Winter’s pattern was very helpful, explaining how to neatly form the flower center and attach the petals to the center. The most difficult part was making the crazy mouth that is creepy and happy at the same time. I almost got it right, close enough for jazz.

The back side of the flower:

Murakami flower_1341

If you want to see Murakami’s flowers and some info on his art, here’s a link to Artspace showing pictures of a few of his works including brief descriptions. Please note that anything you see online cannot compare to the REAL THING! If you have a chance to see any of his work on display do check it out.

I feel like I learned a lot about Murakami’s art by making this flower. There is more detail in the design than I expected, the eyes with the white reflections, the oddly shaped mouth, the fusion of happy and creepy.

For technical details see my Ravelry project page.

Nature’s flower:




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9 Responses to Murakami Flower

  1. Ruth says:

    What a really interesting piece and I can see from the link to Artspace where you got your inspiration, great interpretation!

  2. Stefanie says:

    I Googled his art and you captured his pop art flowers spot on! Well done.

  3. I think the smile is perfect! Well done you!

  4. PJ says:

    What a great little flower. It’s perfect!

  5. Becki says:

    I love seeing how someone else’s art inspired you! The flower really is perfect! Thanks for introducing me to the work of Murakami.

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