Snowflake Roundup 2017 Feeling Blue

blue flakes 2017_1533

This year winter I mixed it up a bit and went on a little blue spree, making snowflakes to give to friends.

I decided to search online for new patterns, and I really like to work from charts. After seeing one chart on a Russian site I decided to search Russian snowflake patterns. To do this I googled “translate English to Russian”, then entered crochet snowflake into the English box. I cut and pasted the Russian translation, with the Russian characters, and pasted them into a Google search. Then I browsed the results.

rat-felt flake 1

The snowflake above is from  These patterns are only charted. Technical details are on my Ravelry project page

another kluba snowflake blue

Another one from a Russian website The thread for both of these flakes was a thrift store find, Southmaid size 10 crochet cotton. It’s a nice thread, if you stumble upon it I’d recommend grabbing it. My Ravelry project page link.

star 1 snowflake blue_1541

A dear Ravelry friend gave me this thread, DMC cotton lustre and the pattern for this snowflake as a gift. The pattern is from Crochet Snowflakes red a digital book by Petra Tornack-Zimmerman. This is not free but well worth the few dollars spent for 9 snowflakes with charts and written instructions. Details on my Ravelry project page.

snowflake star 5 b_1538

The snowflake above is from Tornack-Zimmerman’s digital book Crochet Snowflakes vol 2 blue. It’s one of my favorites, looks great once blocked. Ravelry project page. I would highly recommend both of these pattern collections.

puff snowflake blue

The flake above is kind of sloppily blocked. The pattern is from a tumbler blog post. I like the pattern a lot, it works up quickly and looks nice in different sized yarns. See my Ravelry project page for dimensions etc.

Louie7028 memorial smaller file

Rest in Peace, Louie “the Lion”. He enjoyed 19 beautiful years with us and will be missed.



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2 Responses to Snowflake Roundup 2017 Feeling Blue

  1. Sue says:

    Those blue flakes are lovely! Have you ever seen Snowcatcher’s blog? She’s been offering a free snowflake pattern every week for years. She’s got some pretty amazing snowflake projects too.
    So sorry about your dear cat. He was a handsome guy.

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