Corner to Corner Crochet Owl Chart

c2c owl_1737

I had a wonderful time teaching at Yarncon this year. What a great experience, meeting so many talented crafty people and seeing all the beautiful yarns for sale. My thanks to Natalia and all the folks at Team Yarncon for putting on such a great event!

One of the classes I taught was a corner to corner (c2c) crochet class. We had a great time learning the diagonal box stitch and then making a heart design from a chart. While preparing for the class I came up with this owl design, but some friends said it didn’t look very owly. I set it aside, but decided to bring the sample along to Yarncon. My students thought it did look like an owl, which encouraged me to share the chart for this project.

This is only the chart, if you don’t already know how to work diagonal box stitch I would refer you to this excellent article on c2c crochet from 1 dog wolf.

owl chart 3

I used an H (5 mm) hook and Vanna’s Choice worsted weight yarn in the following colors.

background: blue (dusty blue)
owl: brown (barley)
eyes: white (oatmeal)
bill: orange (terracotta)

As you work the color changes refer to the chart. Increase rows are numbered with black, decrease rows are numbered with purple. The arrows on the chart indicate which direction to read each row.

Finished size about 8″ square.

Khristina Preneta, who attended my c2c class at Yarncon, made this beautiful pillow using the heart square we made in class. Thanks Khristina for sending the photo!

Khristina's c2c project

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