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Snowflake roundup 2019

Key starting with first white flake on left going clockwise: Taku, Ice Feathers, two white Nymphalidae, turquoise Nymphalidae, red Kaikas, dark blue Daffodil, in center left turquoise Alpine Glacier, and Taku.  All patterns by Sainio except Nymphalidae and Daffodil. My … Continue reading

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Snowflake Roundup 2017 Feeling Blue

This year winter I mixed it up a bit and went on a little blue spree, making snowflakes to give to friends. I decided to search online for new patterns, and I really like to work from charts. After seeing … Continue reading

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Snowflakes 2016 in review

This year my sister gave me an old magazine called “Favorite Classics Christmas Crochet” from 1992. This set of snowflakes if from the article Snowflake Fancy. The magazine doesn’t credit the designer which is a shame because I’d love to … Continue reading

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Snowflake roundup, my favorite flakes to make without using stiffener

Here is a review of my favorite snowflakes to make when you don’t want to use starch or glue as a stiffener. This year I am all excited about re-imagining the traditional crochet snowflake. Rather than use cotton thread, I … Continue reading

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